Life Enhancing Recordings


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Learning Deep Relaxation
(32 Minutes)

CD $20

Running Your Kundalini Energy in a Safe and Grounded Manner

CD $25

  Releasing Fear, Worries and Anxieties About Birthing
Creating Your Ideal Birth

(30 Minutes)

CD $20

Effectively Improving Your Study
& Test Taking Skills

CD $25

Grounding Yourself For Safety
From The Energy Of Others

CD $20

  Running Your Life Force Energy
A Home Study Course

(2 CD's - Includes the Grounding Technique)

CD $60

  Spirit Is Free **

CD $20

The Renewing Of Yourself **
(See note below)

CD $25

  Show - Using Hypnosis For Childbirth
(For Childbirth educators Only)

Video $25

  Hypnotherapy Session
(First session - $125)

Spiritual Counselling

Session $100

  Miscellaneous Items

Sundry $5

** If you have not been exposed to the concept of grounding your body (THEEE MOOST IMPORTANT technique for spiritual work, in my humble opinion), then I would strongly suggest that you get the Grounding CD as well... If you feel that that you don't need it after using it, then feel free to return it for a refund (less shipping costs)... Your satisfaction is very important to us...


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